What is Lucite?

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Lucite: How It's Made

Our factory was featured on the Discovery Channel's hit show, How It's Made. Watch the segment to see the care and excellence that goes into making every Custom Lucite.

What is Lucite?

Lucite is a brand name of acrylic that is used that has become synonymous with acrylic embedments. It is a material that has both properties of plastic and glass, and mirrors the clarity of glass. It is heavier in "feel" as compared to traditional plastics and is of the highest quality.

When talking about embedments, there are generally two types of Lucite designs: Classic and Custom. Classic Lucites include standard shapes that always look stunning for any kind of financial tombstone or recognition award. They range widely in shapes and sizes from the simple and economical rectangle to the elegant 3D shape.

Custom Lucites include corporate mascots, replicas, and unique designs. These mementos capture innovative shapes and themes that are produced in our Lucite embedment process. Our design process and state-of-the-art factory processes offer a variety of options to commemorate your message or event. This video segment from Discovery Channel's hit show, "How It's Made," highlights our factory, and the care and excellence that goes into making every Custom Lucite.