Financial Tombstones

Financial tombstones, deal blocks, embedments, deal toys are all words used in the financial markets for Lucite embedments with financial deal information embedded, from the simplest rectangle to the most complex product replica. Lucite tombstones are the perfect way to commemorate a deal, meeting, announcement, legal/financial transaction, groundbreaking, or any special event.

Companies from around the world turn to Kashan for the finest, most unique financial tombstones and deal gifts. Our financial tombstones are attention-grabbing and enduring testaments to success that commemorate your corporate, financial, and legal milestones with style and impact. Our deal gifts memorialize your achievements in a monument cherished by their recipients and admired by their viewers.

Combine state-of-the-art technology with the lustrous high-grade acrylic as we have the flexibility to create spectacular deal gifts.

Create your unique financial tombstone in three easy steps:
1. Brainstorm your design with a Kashan representative.
2. Review an e-proof of your design and fine-tune your product to be exactly what you want.
3. Receive your order right on schedule.

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